This post is a placeholder for what is yet to come.

Firstly, sorry for taking so long to add to this blog! It has been quite some time. I have built many projects in this time, but haven’t updated them here. I know, that’s really bad.

One of these projects is a tool used to pull data from and process it for use when buying real estate. We were in the market to buy a house for about a year and I built this tool in that time so we know how much properties are actually worth and which ones would interest me. In that time I found some sneaky things estate agents were doing to rank their properties higher than they should be ranked…. ultimately, it helped a lot for when I was ready to buy.

Normally, I make these kinds of projects open for all to use, but in this case I held on to it until I made a purchase. Now that we have completed the purchase I will be putting it up on my GitHub for all to use 🙂 Stay tuned!

Back-end written in Perl. Front-end written in PHP/HTML.