My soldering station stopped working. I love this soldering station, so I opened it up to see whats going on inside. The transformer contacts had come loose, so I tightened them and VIOLA! all good.

But not longer after it stopped again and this time I couldnt fix it. Using my multimeter I tested for voltage on the circuit board, nothing. So I concluded the board was bad and ordered an after-market one from ebay.

Once the board arrived I set to work on swapping them out.  The pictures of this are below.

The embarrassing part is, after the swap it still was not working. So I decided to do a little more investigation. I found that there was no voltage after the transformer AND before it. So it turns out the actual power cable was faulty, once I replaced this all worked again. Sheesh! I left the new circuit board in there as I couldnt be bothered putting back the old one. Ah well, at least now I have a spare board!