My brother bought a motorbike recently. The bike was in good condition, but the blinker cluster was broken — It wasn’t able to ‘click’ properly to the left and sometimes it would not engage the indicator lights at all.
My brother bought a used cluster from the dismantlers. It is in good condition, but ended up being the wrong model. So we set to work on modifying it to suit his bike. This involved opening up the cluster, replacing some wiring and re-routing some others. Then closing the cluster back up and heat-shrinking all the wires to tidy up the job.

All in all, it took longer than I expected as I needed to draw out the pin-out of the old cluster and then match it to the pin-out of the new cluster, being careful to keep track of what I am changing to avoid causing any damage to the bike electrics.

I don’t have a picture of the completed project on the bike, so you will just need to trust me when I say it works 🙂