Too many strings of wet days meant washing couldn’t be done when needed. So, I finally caved and bought a clothes dryer.
It’s not used too often, but when it is used it’s saves time and heartache; ultimately a darn good investment!

The spot in the laundry which I installed it in seems to have been made for a dryer, but the previous owners had instead installed a shelf with a sliding drawer, along with a doggy door. You may notice the doggy door is a good foot above the ground on the outside. This is because there was a raised dog kennel (which has since been removed) attached to the house with a couple of steps leading to it. The doggy door was accessed from inside the kennel.

The plan was to remove the shelf and modify it for reuse on top of the dryer. Then to remove the doggy door and cover up the hole with blue board, and install the vent in the board.

The finished product looks good from the inside, but the board on the outside is ugly. I am planning to eventually either cover it with a square grill or with cladding.