Disclaimer: These instructions likely cover many different models other than the one I have. I don’t know which models these are, so if you don’t have the same engine as mine then be sure to check on it.
Having said the above, you may find the these instructions can apply to Evinrude and Johnson engines made around the 1970’s or 1980’s and with lower HP. I’m not sure about the higher HP models, but these may be included to.
If you know more about this, let me know so I can update the above.

My engine is an Evinrude 115hp 115893c.

The below images are all the steps taken to disassemble the bottom end, replace the impeller, and reassemble. All images are in order and have detailed captions describing the process.

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The procedure used to put everything back together is the reverse of how you pulled it apart, so no pictures were taken of this.

If you are having trouble getting the drive shaft spline in place then try twisting the flywheel a bit so the spline gears can match up to the hole in the crank shaft.