Our vegetable patch in the back yard needed an upgrade.

The patch was quite large and was on a slope. This meant we couldn’t really plant things in there without some plants attempting to conquer the whole box. Also, it was very hard to gain access to most of the box without getting mud everywhere.

So I decided to partition it in to 3 sections and level out each section individually. Each partition would correspond with an existing step in the retaining wall, so it would look nice and terraced.

The job also involved fixing up the terrible irrigation system I had installed in the past and also moving the power point I had installed when building the box many years ago. You can also see the separate wiring I have in place for the fairy lights (12v DC) which still needs some work.

I had a friend of mind give me a hand, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the whole thing. I ended up with just a handful. In any case, here they are.


Some pictures taken many months later, showing a few thing we have growing. Pics were taken just before winter so most of the plants were waiting for spring to be planted.


2016-05-12 13.23.032016-05-12 13.23.07