To create a stand for the outdoor projector. This is part of my new outdoor home theatre system.

Some History:

Recently I installed a home theatre system in my back yard. This was a suggestion from a friend of mine that I grabbed and ran with. Because I had most of the parts needed sitting in my garage and collecting dust the entire project cost me under $1,000!

Not pictured is the sound system installation which includes an old car amp, modified PC PSU (to run the amp), eave/ceiling mounted speaker and some modified electronics which was installed in my roof.

The audio and video source comes from under my house where I have a splitter coming from my PCTV. First output is to the TV inside the house, the second output is to the outdoor theatre.
Audio is 2-channel RCA.
Video is HDMI (no audio).
I won’t be posting up any pictures of this set up, but if I get enough interested I am happy to take a few pics and post up. Just let me know by commenting on this article.

Cost: Under $50

Duration: A little over an hour

Method and Result:

The stand can be adjusted and looks great when in position. Its solid and sturdy which is exactly what I want. The only down side is that the edges are a bit sharp, I will probably put some rubber on it to avoid accidents, another time.