Over this last summer I have had some extra time up my sleeve to work on a few projects at home. Some of these I had the foresight to document with photos, and one of these was the banana planter box.

For those who aren’t familiar with the banana tree (OK, so it’s technically a herb, but it looks like a tree to me!) you would know that it grows from what seems to be one huge ‘bulb’ which expands in size under the ground and where the furthest and newest parts of the bulb are new shoots pop out. Left unchecked, the tree was encroaching on my lawn which left ugly dead spots of grass and threatened to take up too much room.

Removing the tree was not an option, so the next best thing was to put in place definite boundaries, so that the lawn and the tree could co-exist and it would look nice. This was around the time I was building the chicken enclosure and the shed, so I had some treated pine sleepers lying around I could use. I put something together fairly quickly and it made a world of difference.



It has been 6 months since I completed this project and in that time I have had 5 bunches of bananas grow on this tree. As a comparison, I normally get about 2-3 bunches per year. So I like to think that the tree likes its new home 🙂